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Midway Custom Home Designs

Clif10 design was founded by Rich Cliften in 2013.  Rich has been in the home building business for over 15 years. He graduated with a bachelors degree in Construction Management from Brigham Young University in 1998, and imediately  began designing for Euclid Timber Frames.  Euclid was a unique opportunity to work on many custom projects.  It was also a great place to look through hundreds of plans being built in Utah and seeing what worked and what was needed to communicate good design.


In 2001 Rich got licensed as a general contractor and has since  built a number of his own designs.  He is not afraid to strap on his tool belt and has worked in many trades from framing to finish.  It is his unique background  in the construction process from design through completion, that makes Rich a valuable designer.  



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